by sarah barry williams

Young Adult/New Adult fantasy fiction/Sci-Fi/Romance      

final book cover Unknown Crystal Paradigm- Final- 26.09.16

Debut author releases turbulent tale of romance, intrigue and danger.


The Crystal Bloodline is a new young adult fantasy fiction trilogy. If you're looking for something in the young adult genre awash with twists, turns, and surprises, then this young adult offering is a must read.


When twenty-one year old Rachel Coast meets Austin Jacobs, a young and extremely handsome photographer, she immediately falls for his charms, but is left curious after overhearing a conversation about his past. Rather unexpectedly, Austin asks her to help him launch a photographic studio and soon an intense romance blossoms between the inseparable pair.

The studio is an instant success, and curiously attracts the support of reclusive billionaire, Conik Penster Dewe. Yet all is not as it seems and soon it is revealed that he has an ulterior motive: he has been interested in Austin since the day he was born, and has been keeping a watchful eye on him ever since. The billionaire needs something from Austin, and he will stop at nothing to procure it.

Meanwhile, Austin’s career as an international fashion photographer unexpectedly begins to flourish. However, his health and relationship with Rachel begin to suffer as a consequence and, as the turbulence unfolds, their once solid relationship begins to fall apart.

Austin tries to fight the change within him, but will he succeed?



























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