by sarah barry williams

Young Adult/New Adult fantasy fiction/Sci-Fi/Romance      

final book cover Unknown Crystal Paradigm- Final- 26.09.16

Hi I'm Sarah,


Thankyou for visiting.

Over the years I have written many random short pieces of work. I always hoped that one day I would have the time, inspiration and motivation to sit down and write an actual novel.

August 2012 was when it happened.

I had intended on writing the story of a turbulent romance but

by he end of the first chapter the idea of a much bigger story  

had taken root.

As I continued to write, the story continued to grow, but I still hadn't settled on my ideas completely.

Then one evening I gave a very different answer to a question that had been posed to me many times before, this was the catalyst that turned my ideas upside down, and inspired me to write The Crystal Bloodline.

I have now written the second book in the series, and I am currently writing the third.


My greatest hope is that you enjoy reading the books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Sarah X




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